Worthy By Josephine Faulk MPH

  • Narrated by: Almond Eastland
  • Length: 8 hrs and 43 mins
  • Release date: 09-19-19

Worthy AudioBook Summary

If you’ve suffered from childhood neglect, abandonment, physical, emotional, or psychological trauma, Worthy: A Personal Guide for Healing Your Childhood Trauma is the perfect antidote to the lingering effects of your unresolved childhood trauma. 

In this audiobook, science and compassion merge as the author gently guides you through understanding: 

  • Why your continued use of your childhood self-preservation mechanisms are your largest obstacle to happiness in adulthood.  
  • Why recovery is so much more than just that 50-minute appointment once a week and a daily pill. 
  • How to choose the best possible trauma therapist.  
  • Which tools, techniques, and practices have the greatest value in healing psychological, emotional, and spiritual trauma wounding. 
  • How and why your conditional amino acids have been depleted from childhood due to chronic traumatic stress, how that affects you now, and how to fix them permanently.  
  • How to preserve, sustain, and protect all present and future recovery progress. 
  • How to know that you are not broken, defective, or unworthy of love, especially self-love.  
  • How to soothe, comfort, and integrate your inner child by being your own loving parent.   

Let this be the day you reach down deep within yourself and tenderly take the hand of your frightened, wounded inner child. They want nothing more than your unconditional love and acceptance. You remember what that was like, don’t you?

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