Wicked Atlanta By Laurel-Ann Dooley

  • Narrated by: Tiffany Morgan
  • Length: 3 hrs and 19 mins
  • Release date: 08-30-22

Wicked Atlanta By Laurel-Ann Dooley AudioBook Summary

Atlanta is the only American city to have been destroyed by fire as an act of war, and it has its share of salacious stories.

Wealthy felons hosted elaborate parties inside the federal penitentiary. Billionaire bootleggers and murderous rich boys practiced corruption that reached all the way to the White House. Fast and fearless drivers, complete with glamorous reputations and criminal careers, gave rise to auto racing. Join author Laurel-Ann Dooley as she navigates the underworld of Atlanta’s past filled with kidnapping, bribery, wives hiring hit men, and all sorts of criminal debauchery.



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