Wealth Unbroken By Rebecca Walser

  • Narrated by: Tom Brooks
  • Length: 6 hrs and 27 mins
  • Release date: 08-25-22

Wealth Unbroken By Rebecca Walser AudioBook Summary

What most financial advisors will not tell you

According to Rebecca Walser, tax attorney and financial strategist, conventional wealth-building wisdom has been leading Americans astray for 40 years. In Wealth Unbroken, Rebecca explains how and why following the popular beliefs about long-term wealth building are keeping 96 out of 100 Americans from financial success in their retirement.

A refreshing new approach to a critical subject

Wall Street and mediocre fee-seeking financial advisors have fed half-truths to Americans for decades, ruining their lifetime pocketbooks for their own gain. In an easy-to-digest, conversational style, Rebecca shows you how to be one of the few Americans who not only survives but thrives in the new normal of changing Federal tax codes, Baby Boomer retirement, and market volatility.



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