Warrior of Woden By Matthew Harffy

  • Narrated by: Barnaby Edwards
  • Series: The Bernicia Chronicles, Book 5
  • Length: 13 hrs and 15 mins
  • Release date: 07-12-18

Warrior of Woden AudioBook Summary

AD 642. Anglo-Saxon Britain. 

A gripping, action-packed historical thriller and the fifth instalment in the Bernicia Chronicles. Perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell. 

Oswald has reigned over Northumbria for eight years, and Beobrand has led the king to ever greater victories. Rewarded for his fealty and prowess in battle, Beobrand is now a wealthy warlord, with a sizable warband. Tales of Beobrand’s fearsome black-shielded warriors and the great treasure he has amassed are told throughout the halls of the land. Many are the kings who bow to Oswald. And yet there are those who look upon his realm with a covetous eye. And there is one ruler who will never kneel before him. 

When Penda of Mercia, the great killer of kings, invades Northumbria, Beobrand is once more called upon to stand in an epic battle where the blood of many will be shed in defence of the kingdom. But in this climactic clash between the pagan Penda and the Christian Oswald, there is much more at stake than sovereignty. This is a battle for the very souls of the people of Albion.

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