Uncultured By Blake Behr

  • Narrated by: Blake Behr
  • Length: 6 hrs and 1 min
  • Release date: 14-12-21

Uncultured AudioBook Summary

Want to learn how to build a team that can weather any storm?

We’ve all seen seemingly successful businesses take a turn for the worst. As we watch from the outside looking in, we begin to question what has gone wrong and why: Will I be next? Where did they go wrong, and am I headed in the same direction? Can I do anything differently to avoid my own team’s self-destruction?

Unfortunately, as time goes on, we are seeing the calamity happen more and more, contributing to the widening gap within the skilled workforce.

In his book, Uncultured, author and business owner, Blake Behr, explains why and how uncultured businesses fall apart when employees abandon ship, regardless of how great the company’s product is.



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