Turkish Mythology with a Historical Introduction (Annotated) By Ignac Kunos

  • Narrated by: Jim D. Johnston
  • Length: 10 hrs and 2 mins
  • Release date: 06-10-22

Turkish Mythology with a Historical Introduction (Annotated) By Ignac Kunos AudioBook Summary

Discover the wonders of Turkish mythology through these 44 fairy tales.

Turkish mythology is comprised of myths and traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation by the Turkish people. Soon, you will be immersing yourself into their culture and traditions told in an almost poetic way. 

The Turkish people have a love for storytelling and are masters of it. This is the reason why they have such an interesting library of fairy tales.

About the author: Hungarian linguist, Turkologist, and folklorist Ignác Kunos was a correspondent member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences’ linguistics department. At the time of his death, he was considered to be one of the most distinguished experts of Turkish folk literature and Turkish dialectology.

The drawings inside are very captivating. The cover was created from one of them and brought back to life, retouched and with full color.

Here is a look inside at the different tales:

  • The Creation
  • The Brother and Sister
  • Fear
  • The Three Orange Peris
  • The Rose-Beauty
  • The Silent Princess
  • Kara Mustafa, the Hero
  • The Wizard-Dervish
  • The Fish-Peri
  • The Horse-Dew and the Witch
  • The Simpleton
  • The Magic Turban, the Magic Whip, and the Magic Carpet
  • Mahomet, the Bald-Head
  • The Storm Fiend
  • The Laughing Apple and the Weeping Apple
  • The Crow-Peri
  • The Forty Princes and the Seven-Headed Dragon
  • Kamer-Taj, the Moon-Horse
  • The Bird of Sorrow
  • The Enchanted Pomegranate Branch and the Beauty
  • The Magic Hair-Pins
  • Patience-Stone and Patience-Knife
  • The Dragon-Prince and the Step-Mother
  • The Magic Mirror
  • The Imp of the Well
  • The Soothsayer
  • The Daughter of the Padishah of Kandahar
  • Shah Meram and Sultan Sade
  • The Wizard and His Pupil
  • And many more

Turkish mythology has also been affected by other indigenous Asiatic and Eurasian myths, as well as by various European mythologies. For example, aspects of Finnic and Indo-European myths coexist in Tatar mythology, which is a hybrid of the two.



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