Truthenomics By Gerard Armond Powell

  • Narrated by: Graham Winton
  • Length: 1 hr and 26 mins
  • Release date: 08-09-22

Truthenomics By Gerard Armond Powell AudioBook Summary

When millions are struggling to pay bills and student loans, and millions more are displaced from jobs, “truthenomics” offers a dynamic blueprint to change the way we look at, pursue, and accumulate true wealth and authentic happiness.

For many years, Gerard Powell was living the “American Dream”—he was a multi-millionaire who had it all. Deep down, he knew something was missing. The more he achieved, the more he fell into depression.

Through a personal crisis, struggling with drugs, alcoholism and thoughts of suicide, he began a journey of self-transformation and healing which culminated in the creation of the Rythmia Life Advancement Center which has helped transform the lives of nearly 10,000 people.  

In his second thought-provoking guide, he reveals the life-changing principles of “truthenomics”—that true wealth-building must combine two elements: your personal truth with personal finance. True wealth-building involves self-discovery, and is more about what’s imprinted on your soul than what’s printed on your bank statement. Listeners will learn:

  • Why a problematic relationship with money can be an expression of traumatic events in early in life–and how to resolve them
  • The money paradox–why many people hold unconscious conflicts about money from childhood
  • How to be sure your understanding of money will bring authentic happiness and not a momentary fix
  • How to raise your daily happiness set point
  • How to fall forward from financial hardships
  • How to harness the 4 Circles of growth to manifest your true heart’s desire


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