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This Book Will Put You to Sleep By K. McCoy, Dr. Hardwick

  • Narrated by: Mel Foster
  • Length: 6 hrs and 54 mins
  • Release date: 03-19-19

This Book Will Put You to Sleep AudioBook Summary

It is sadly true that it is not always easy to fall asleep. This gently amusing, highly effective anthology of soporific dullness has been carefully curated to put listeners to sleep as quickly as possible. This giftable godsend for the under-rested features dozens of snoozy short texts, including “The Motion of Sand Dunes,” “The Administrative Bureaucracy of the Byzantine Empire,” “White Noise: A Technical Explanation,” and many dozens more – though good luck listening very far on any one evening. Insomniacs will also appreciate “A Staring Contest with Fifty Cats,” “Some Interesting Mathematical Theorems,” “The Dullest Entries from Interesting Diaries,” and other zzzzzzzz.

File Size:189.89 MB



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