There’s a Hole in My Love Cup By Sven Erlandson

  • Narrated by: Sven Erlandson, MDiv
  • Length: 14 hrs and 35 mins
  • Release date: 05-25-21

There’s a Hole in My Love Cup AudioBook Summary

Are you stuck? Is the pain of life sucking you down into anxiety and depression? Maybe, you’ve tried therapy and had little success? Terrified of your own pain inside? Been stuffing it down and running from it for decades? Unmotivated, depressed, or anxiety-ridden? Have the voices of parents plaguing your brain? Do you wrestle with not even knowing who you really are, anymore? Do you desire to find peace, purpose, power, clarity, happiness, and true aliveness? 

What you’re feeling is a deep longing of the soul! And, we need to talk! That’s the purpose of this book: a real conversation about what is causing all of these problems and unrest in your soul. 

I wrote this book specifically to help you do this stuff yourself or to augment your counseling. For, until the pain, fears, and BS beliefs you’ve been taught about you are out of you, they’re still in you. But first, you must understand: One of the core truths of this book is that trying to change behaviors never changes behaviors, long term. Until there is a fundamental shift in the deep-down, core beliefs driving the behaviors, no changes will ever stick. 

Most importantly, the beliefs driving your life are neither visible to you (which is why you’ve never been able to make lasting changes or even fully identify the problem), nor were they ever chosen by you. Your depression and anxiety are, at their root, the result of a life disconnected from your soul – your own true self, which has been waiting for decades, deep inside, to be rediscovered.


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