The Woman Upstairs & Short Story Compilation By Camryn Eyde

  • Narrated by: Lori Prince, Holly Fielding, Abby Craden, Katherine Lawrence
  • Length: 11 hrs and 8 mins
  • Release date: 10-01-19

The Woman Upstairs & Short Story Compilation AudioBook Summary

Ricci Velez is a fiercely independent woman that worked her way up from the poverty line to become a respected engineer and property developer. Mistaken as the little wifey by Tara Reeves, the new tenant at her Manhattan apartment building, Ricci wants to evict her before she even signs the lease. A slighted ex-tenant, a vandalized apartment, and an interfering best friend means that she’s forced to offer Tara a room in her own apartment. Can she survive having the secretive hard-nosed executive judging her in her own home? Worse still, can she survive her match-making mother shamelessly besotted by the temporary housemate?

File Size: 607.66 MB


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