The Strong Sensitive Boy By Ted Zeff PhD

  • Narrated by: Stephen Bel Davies
  • Length: 6 hrs and 13 mins
  • Release date: 06-19-18

The Strong Sensitive Boy AudioBook Summary

Does your son tend to be disturbed by loud noises, violence, and crowds; fearful of new situations; easily hurt by criticism; or hesitant about playing aggressive games? Your son may be one of the 20 percent of all boys with a finely tuned nervous system.

Our sensitive boys tend to be creative, kind, and gentle, appreciating beauty and feeling love deeply. Therefore, it’s particularly challenging for sensitive boys to grow up in a culture where boys are taught to act tough, aggressive, and unemotional.

In this groundbreaking book, psychologist Ted Zeff explores the unique challenges of sensitive boys, showing parents, educators, and mentors how to help sensitive boys grow into strong, happy, and confident men. Dr. Zeff offers practical advice on how to help your son increase his self-esteem and thrive in the family, at school, with friends, and in sports.

File Size: 165.87 MB


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