The Star Builders By Arthur Turrell

  • Narrated by: Arthur Turrell
  • Length: 7 hrs and 13 mins
  • Release date: 08-03-21

The Star Builders AudioBook Summary

From a young, award-winning scientist, a look at one of the most compelling and historic turning points of our time – the race to harness the power of the stars and produce controlled fusion, creating a practically unlimited supply of clean energy.

The most important energy-making process in the universe takes place inside stars. The ability to duplicate that process in a lab, once thought out of reach, may now be closer than we think. Today, all across the world teams of scientists are being assembled by the world’s boldest entrepreneurs, big business, and governments to solve what is the most difficult technological challenge humanity has ever faced: building the equivalent of a star on earth. If their plans to capture star power are successful, they will unlock thousands, potentially millions, of years of clean, carbon-free energy.


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