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  • Narrated by: Neil Shah
  • Length: 9 hrs and 17 mins
  • Release date: 19-01-21

The Search for Why AudioBook Summary

A groundbreaking new behavioral model that explains what drives us, and why.

From tireless marketers to pandering politicians, the forces of modernity have lulled us into lazy categorizations of people, erasing the natural nuances of being human. We are all now accustomed to being reduced to a demographic – man, woman, black, white, old, young. But while these factors may inform our lived experience, what if there is something more fundamentally important that determines our behavior? 

Bob Raleigh, founder of PathSight Predictive Science, argues that biological instincts are the most foundational determinants of our behavior. PathSight has pioneered a new model that draws on the latest findings in neuroscience, data science, and behavioral science to classify people in five distinct groups, depending on what they instinctively care about most: nurturing, fairness, loyalty, authority, or purity. Their data, drawn from large-scale studies with over 50,000 participants, show that people who share the same instinctual patterns will engage the world in extremely predictable ways, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, lifestyle, income, and education. 

Knowing the impact that instinct has on behavior has all kinds of advantages. You can tailor any communication to make it maximally effective for a particular audience. You can strive to empathize with a person you’ve always found mystifying. And of course, understanding what truly makes you tick is an invaluable step on your journey to self-discovery. In The Search for Why, Bob Raleigh offers the missing link that all the big data in the world can’t deliver.

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