The Joy of Sweat By Sarah Everts

  • Narrated by: Sophie Amoss
  • Length: 9 hrs and 3 mins
  • Release date: 07-13-21

The Joy of Sweat AudioBook Summary

New York Times Most Anticipated Book of the Summer

A taboo-busting romp through the shame, stink, and strange science of sweating.

Sweating may be one of our weirdest biological functions, but it’s also one of our most vital and least understood. In The Joy of Sweat, Sarah Everts delves into its role in the body – and in human history.

Why is sweat salty? Why do we sweat when stressed? Why do some people produce colorful sweat? And should you worry about Big Brother tracking the hundreds of molecules that leak out in your sweat – not just the stinky ones or alleged pheromones – but the ones that reveal secrets about your health and vices?

Everts’ entertaining investigation takes listeners around the world – from Moscow, where she participates in a dating event in which people sniff sweat in search of love, to New Jersey, where companies hire trained armpit sniffers to assess the efficacy of their anti-sweat products. In Finland, Everts explores the delights of the legendary smoke sauna and the purported health benefits of good sweat, while in the Netherlands she slips into the sauna theater scene, replete with costumes, special effects, and towel dancing.


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