The 30-Minute Standup Comedy Manual By The Amazing Comedy Theater

  • Narrated by: Nicky Delgado
  • Length: 40 mins
  • Release date: 01-18-19

The 30-Minute Standup Comedy Manual AudioBook Summary

Have you ever wanted to try standup comedy but didn’t know where to start?

Well, look no further.

The 30-Minute Standup Comedy Manual: How to Become A Standup Comedian in Under an Hour is just that.

It’s an audiobook you can listen to in 30 minutes or less that will give you all of the information needed to create comedy material and perform your first standup comedy set onstage.

We created this audiobook with the goal of providing a set of very simple and clear instructions on how to write and create standup comedy material, where to seek out performance opportunities, and how to perform your standup comedy material on stage for a live comedy audience.

The 30-Minute Standup Comedy Manual is a practical, hands-on guide to actually doing standup comedy.

We did not include any of the touchy-feely topics that a lot of other standup comedy books spend endless chapters discussing.

Those books are great for later on when you have dozens of standup comedy performances under your belt and want to progress to the next levels of standup comedy performance and writing.

However, we found most of these books lacked the basic information on how to actually begin doing standup comedy without spending hours analyzing the subject to death before you actually get a chance to give standup comedy a try.

Theory and endless discussion on a topic you enjoy can be fun. But our aim with this standup comedy manual is to provide the essential nuts and bolts information and skills that will actually help you get up onstage performing standup comedy. Not just theorizing about it.

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