Sweet Spot UX By Mike Newman

  • Narrated by: Toby Hemmings
  • Length: 4 hrs and 9 mins
  • Release date: 01-12-22

Sweet Spot UX AudioBook Summary

This audiobook will help you, the UX designer, develop a communication style that your business stakeholders or clients will understand, and elevate your career toward better UX strategy and leadership.

This is not your typical UX book – it doesn’t focus on the things they teach you in a UX crash course. It won’t bombard you with a whole load of new techniques, or preach about how to do UX design properly. What it will do is help you find ways to apply your craft more effectively, inside your business, by understanding better ways of communicating, and building alignment within your organization or your client’s organization.

Why is this important?

Often, the hardest part of UX isn’t knowing how to do the various methods – you can learn that stuff easily with little effort; it is taking the business you work for, and its stakeholders, on the journey that helps them fully realize the value that UX brings. This book collects strategies and techniques from other UX professionals, combined with my own learnings and expertise, to guide you to a better UX practice of alignment between you, your business, and its customers.



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