Super Founders By Ali Tamaseb

  • Narrated by: Dean Temple, Catherine Ho, Jason Culp
  • Length: 8 hrs and 48 mins
  • Release date: 05-18-21

Super Founders AudioBook Summary

Super Founders uses a data-driven approach to understand what really differentiates billion-dollar start-ups from the rest – revealing that nearly everything we thought was true about them is false!

Ali Tamaseb has spent thousands of hours manually amassing what may be the largest dataset ever collected on start-ups, comparing billion-dollar start-ups with those that failed to become one – 30,000 data points on nearly every factor: number of competitors, market size, the founder’s age, his or her university’s ranking, quality of investors, fundraising time, and many, many more. And what he found looked far different than expected. Just to mention a few: 

  • Most unicorn founders had no industry experience
  • There’s no disadvantage to being a solo founder or to being a nontechnical CEO
  • Less than 15 percent went through any kind of accelerator program
  • Over half had strong competitors when starting – being first to market with an idea does not actually matter

You will also hear the stories of the early days of billion-dollar start-ups firsthand. The book includes exclusive interviews with the founders/investors of Zoom, Instacart, PayPal, Nest, Github, Flatiron Health, Kite Pharma, Facebook, Stripe, Airbnb, YouTube, LinkedIn, Lyft, DoorDash, Coinbase, and Square, venture capital investors like Elad Gil, Peter Thiel, Alfred Lin from Sequoia Capital and Keith Rabois of Founders Fund, as well as previously untold stories about the early days of ByteDance (TikTok), WhatsApp, Dropbox, Discord, DiDi, Flipkart, Instagram, Careem, Peloton, and SpaceX.



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