Stories, Dice, and Rocks That Think By Byron Reese

  • Narrated by: Stephen Bel Davies
  • Length: 9 hrs and 45 mins
  • Release date: 09-13-22

Stories, Dice, and Rocks That Think By Byron Reese AudioBook Summary

What makes the human mind so unique? And how did we get this way?

This fascinating tale explores the three leaps in our history that made us what we are—and will change how you think about our future.

Look around. Clearly, we humans are radically different from the other creatures on this planet. But why? Where are the Bronze Age beavers? The Iron Age iguanas? In Stories, Dice, and Rocks That Think, Byron Reese argues that we owe our special status to our ability to imagine the future and recall the past, escaping the perpetual present that all other living creatures are trapped in. 

Envisioning human history as the development of a societal superorganism he names Agora, Reese shows us how this escape enabled us to share knowledge on an unprecedented scale, and predict—and eventually master—the future.


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