Start Your Dream Business Today By James G. Palumbo

  • Narrated by: Tim Andres Pabon
  • Length: 7 hrs and 5 mins
  • Release date: 10-11-22

Start Your Dream Business Today By James G. Palumbo AudioBook Summary

This energizing, entertaining, yet practical guide will launch you into an entrepreneurial career that will immediately make your life—as well as those around you better.

Most people are not able to make the practical connection from observing their community and the world around them to what a great business idea looks like. They need a blueprint…not only an idea of what kind of business to start, but tips and techniques on how to make it work.

The Biblenomics™ approach and philosophy with principles that are guaranteed to work will not only put great opportunities within your grasp, but you’ll see that making money is easy and there is no mystery or secret to achieving success. In fact, the only thing that can kill your dreams is you.

With profiles in creativity, and the mission of empowering people with a dream and the drive to succeed, the author will inspire you with his knowledge of:

  • Why be an entrepreneur
  • Stories of entrepreneurs who pioneered a niche or a great idea
  • 101 businesses that require no money or education
  • How to get started
  • Marketing advice
  • Tips and techniques for building your business
  • Suggestions for horizontal growth
  • Suggestions for vertical growth
  • Variations
  • How to write a mini-business plan
  • The foundation stones upon which every good business is built
  • How to differentiate yourself from similar businesses

The opportunity to be an entrepreneur is for everyone, everywhere. We all long for the dignity of financial independence. Let this book empower, equip and teach you to build your own dream.


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