Small Pleasures By The School of Life

  • Narrated by: Rachel Lanning
  • Length: 5 hrs and 43 mins
  • Release date: 09-15-22

Small Pleasures By The School of Life AudioBook Summary

“… A book reminding us of all the small moments we overlook when they happen.”- Emma Gannon, Ctr Alt Delete podcast

52 overlooked small pleasures, from flirtation and figs to cyprus trees and the pleasant exhaustion that follows an especially productive day.

We exhaust ourselves and the planet in the search for very large pleasures, while all around us lies a wealth of small pleasures, which—if we only pay more attention—can bring us solace and joy on a daily basis. This is a guidebook to life’s small pleasures: everything from the distinct delight of holding a child’s hand to the joy of watching the evening sky. It’s an intriguing, evocative collection that will heighten our senses and return us to the world with newfound excitement and enthusiasm.


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