Sherlock Holmes: The Voice of Treason By George Mann, Cavan Scott

  • Narrated by: Nicholas Boulton, Frances Jeater, Don Gilet, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, Ivanno Jeremiah, Amy McAllister, full cast
  • Length: 8 hrs
  • Release date: 03-16-20

Sherlock Holmes: The Voice of Treason By George Mann, Cavan Scott Audio Book Summary

There is a plot to kidnap Queen Victoria and only Sherlock Holmes can stop it…or can he?

Investigating a crime seemingly unconnected to the Royal Family, Holmes & Watson uncover a conspiracy to kidnap Queen Victoria and destabilise the British Empire.

With a ticking clock to her next public engagement, Holmes and Watson must discover who is behind the plot and locate her majesty, while Mycroft tries to keep the monarch’s disappearance a secret from the British people.

At first, Holmes believes Moriarty is responsible for the abduction, but when the Napoleon of Crime is proved innocent, Holmes must work with his arch-nemesis to rescue the Queen.

An Audible Original drama starring Nicholas Boulton as Sherlock Holmes and Kobna Holdbrook-Smith as Dr. John Watson alongside a full cast. 

George Mann is a Sunday Times best-selling novelist and scriptwriter. He’s the author of the supernatural crime series Wychwood, as well as the popular Newbury & Hobbes Victorian fantasy series. He’s written several novels featuring a 1920s vigilante known as ‘The Ghost’, as well as best-selling Doctor Who novels, a Star Wars book and new adventures for Sherlock Holmes. His comic writing includes extensive work on Doctor Who, Dark Souls, Warhammer 40,000, Star Wars as well Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for younger listeners and he’s also written audio scripts for Doctor Who, Blake’s 7, Sherlock Holmes and for a handful of high-profile computer games.


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