Scurvy By Stephen Bown

  • Narrated by: Dan Cashman
  • Length: 7 hrs and 58 mins
  • Release date: 05-06-22

Scurvy By Stephen Bown AudioBook Summary

From the 15th to the mid-19th centuries, scurvy caused more deaths at sea than storms, shipwrecks, combat, and all other diseases combined. The cure for scurvy ranks among the greatest of military successes, yet its impact on history has mostly been ignored. 

In this intriguing book, Stephen R. Brown delivers a lively recounting of how three determined individuals overcame the constraints of 18th century thinking to solve the greatest medical mystery of their era. Brimming with tales of ships, sailors, and baffling bureaucracy, Brown presents a vivid picture of life aboard the ship during the age of sail—brutal captains, dangerous work, rotting food, overcrowding, filthy living quarters, and the ultimate horror—scurvy.


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