Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea | Thomas Cahill | AudioBook Free Download

Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea By Thomas Cahill AudioBook Free Download

Written by: Thomas Cahill

Narrated by: John Lee

Length: 7 hrs and 24 mins 

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date:11-07-03

Publisher: Books on Tape

Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea AudioBook Summary

Best selling history writer Thomas Cahill continues his series on the roots of Western civilization with this volume about the contributions of ancient Greece to the development of contemporary culture. Tracing the origin of Greek culture in the migrations of armed Indo-European horsemen into Attica and the Peloponnesian peninsula, he follows their progress into the creation of the Greek city-states, the refinement of their machinery of war, and the flowering of intellectual and artistic culture. Cahill credits the Greeks with creating Western militarism, shaping Christianity, and giving us the intellectual foundations on which we base everything from dictionaries to filing systems. Cahill ably demonstrates the fascinating uniqueness of ancient Greek culture, but also shows its startling reincarnations in contemporary contexts.
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