Rebellion | Raymond L. Weil | AudioBook Free Download

Rebellion By Raymond L. Weil AudioBook Free Download

Written by: Raymond L. Weil

Narrated by: David Rheinstrom

Length: 8 hrs and 54 mins 

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date:06-05-15

Publisher: Raymond L. Weil

Rebellion AudioBook Summary

By USA Today best-selling author Raymond L. Weil.

For six years the solar system has been safe from attack, as the Kleese and the Strell fought a war for galactic domination. Now the war is over, and the victorious Kleese once more turn their attention toward the human race.

President Randle and General Mitchell know the only hope humanity has of surviving is to oppose Kleese aggression by bringing the nonaligned worlds into an alliance. However, the nonaligned worlds want proof that the humans can successfully defeat the Kleese.

As the Kleese war machine begins attacking the nonaligned worlds, Colonel Wade Nelson races to bring the alliance into being. As world after world falls and the Kleese warfleet comes nearer, a decisive battle is set up. It will either bring the alliance into reality, or it will mean the end of the human race.

File Size: 242.66 MB

Format: M4B


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