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Purify By Wendi Wilson

  • Narrated by: Kate Richardson
  • Series: Blood Persuasion, Book 2
  • Length: 6 hrs and 47 mins
  • Release date: 04-29-19

Purify AudioBook Summary

Sometimes, power is more of a curse than a blessing.

Everything changed the day I met the Patton triplets. And not just because they’re Alts- a group of children born to test subjects of a drug trial gone wrong. It also changed because together, we found love.

We also found the truth. I’m an Alt, too.

With the threat of exposure hanging over my head, I had no choice but to become a test subject for Dr. Earl Patton. He turned me into a scientific experiment, forced to perform like a circus monkey and donate tubes of blood weekly. I performed without complaint…for the most part. I was, after all, still me. 

After a visit to The Divine Church of Purity, a cult-like religious group that had one purpose: rid the world of Alts, the web of secrets and lies surrounding the good doctor began to unravel.

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