President Trump: The Fall of the Godfather By Phil Joseph

  • Narrated by: Lee Goettl
  • Length: 2 hrs and 11 mins
  • Release date: 11-11-22

President Trump: The Fall of the Godfather By Phil Joseph AudioBook Summary

A businessman, a celebrity, a president.

A threat to us all.

Sure, everyone knows that Donald Trump was an interesting president to say the very least, but while there was plenty of media coverage about the man himself, very little was said about his politics.

Perhaps you are interested in learning about the set of political promises that Trump’s rise to president was based on.

What if I told you that this extremely dangerous campaign process was happening all over again, right in front of our eyes?

President Trump: The Fall of the Godfather is a must listen for anyone interested in American politics or global affairs.

As the recent leader of the world’s superpower, every person should be interested to find out how this celebrity businessman was able to make it into power, and how we can prevent that ever happening again.

This book will do that and so much more!

Inside President Trump: The Fall of the Godfather, discover:

  • Trump’s philosophy
  • How Trump became president
  • Trump’s love affair with autocrats
  • Where is Trump now?

If we don’t act quickly, the world forum risks allowing the same experiences we witnessed with the Trump presidency to mark history once again.


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