Plant Teachers By Jeremy Narby, Rafael Chanchari Pizuri

  • Narrated by: Jonathan Yen
  • Length: 3 hrs and 6 mins
  • Release date: 08-31-21

Plant Teachers AudioBook Summary

“The dose makes the poison,” says an old adage, reminding us that all substances have the potential to heal or to harm, depending on their use. This is especially true of tobacco. Although Western medicine treats it as a harmful, addictive drug, tobacco is considered medicinal by indigenous people of the Amazon rain forest. Along with the hallucinogen ayahuasca, tobacco forms a part of treatments designed to heal the body, stimulate the mind, and inspire the soul with visions. 

Anthropologist Jeremy Narby first learned of the shamanic uses of ayahuasca and tobacco while conducting fieldwork in the Amazon region decades ago. After witnessing the transformative power of these mind-altering plants, Narby embarked on a quest to understand their effects on human consciousness. His search led him to contact Rafael Chanchari Pizuri, a traditional healer from the Peruvian Amazon.


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