Penis 101 AudioBook Summary

Is your penis small, or are you just disillusioned? Do erections and ejaculations just happen, or do you have control over them? Can your penis fail, and will that be the end for you?

Imagine all the things the penis does that we all take for granted – sturdy erections, explosive orgasms, fatherhood. We rarely think twice about the role of the penis in all these, but what do we stand to gain if we took the time to study the penis?

Imagine having all the knowledge and understanding to prevent all those embarrassing sexual shortcomings that all men experience at some point in their lives. Imagine knowing exactly what you need to do to prevent erectile dysfunction and to last longer in bed. This book is the thing you’ve been missing – the operating manual for your penis.

Gain a masterful understanding of the penis and enjoy a lifetime of unlimited sexual confidence.

We all know that the penis is a sensitive topic for most men. That’s why there are many companies out there with penis enlargement and performance enhancement advice and products, looking to cash in on our insecurities. This book is straightforward. If we all understood the biology behind how the penis works, we would take the necessary steps to maintain our sexual health, and we would enjoy satisfying sex lives without the aid of any of those products.

Penis 101 helps men because in this book, we stick to the fundamentals. We don’t delve into highly technical medical procedures and convoluted explanations – we just focus on what you need to know, and what actions you can take to keep your penis healthy and functional every day.


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