The Panther In My Kitchen By Brian Blessed AudioBook Download

The Panther In My Kitchen By Brian Blessed AudioBook Download

By: Brian Blessed

Narrated by: Brian Blessed, Hildegard Neil

Length: 8 hrs and 41 mins


Release date: 11-02-17

Language: English

The Panther In My Kitchen AudioBook Summary

Brian Blessed has a lifelong love of animals and over the years has rescued cats and dogs, horses and ponies, and even a very ungrateful fighting cock. All were characters in their own right, such as Jessie, a dog left languishing for a year at the local RSPCA, who ruled the entire household with a rod of iron, when she wasn’t out harassing the local vicar. Then there was Bodger, an abused terrier cross breed nursed back to health by Brian and his wife; and Peppone, a stray cat and notorious thief, was responsible for a crime epidemic in the Bagshot area. Most of all there was Misty, a soul mate and the first Jack Russell Brian met who didn’t take an instant dislike to him.

Over the years Brian has encountered more exotic animals, too, from Kali the black panther who had free run of his kitchen and the gentle boa constrictor Bo Bo who went for walks with him in Richmond Park to the female gorillas who found him incredibly attractive. Written with all of Brian’s ebullience, The Panther in My Kitchen is a laugh-out-loud, life-affirming audiobook about the joy animals bring and why we should care for them.

File Size: 236.08 MB


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