Overthinking – 2 Books in 1 By Jack Peace

  • Narrated by: Jason Lusky, Carolyn J. Davy
  • Length: 9 hrs and 4 mins
  • Release date: 22-01-21

Overthinking – 2 Books in 1 AudioBook Summary

Are you struggling with non-important tasks, negative thoughts, and overthinking? Or are you worried about your life, and anxiety about your daily activities?

Two books in one. The first book is Declutter Your Mind Stop Worrying: Reduce Anxiety and Stop Negative Thinking with Good Habits (2nd edition). The second book is Master Your Emotions – 2nd edition: Reduce Anxiety, Declutter Your Mind, Stop Overthinking and Worrying.

Do you feel like sometimes your emotions take over and you cannot just seem to get a hold of them?

Do you find yourself consumed by negative thinking and it feels like nothing you can do can change the situation?

Are you tired of always feeling overwhelmed by negative emotions?

Declutter Your Mind by Jack Peace gives inspiration and solutions to dejunk your mind with professional techniques.

Every day you get things that make you happy, sad, or even depressed, which takes part in controlling the type of life you experience and the moments you share. At times the moments create anxiety and negative thought, which can negatively impact your day to day activities. Negative impacts lead to the cluttering of the mind, which is followed by overthinking, inner critics, and improper habits. Decluttering the mind from all the negative experiences is the best way to move forward and unleash the power of your mind.

Buy your copy today, and you will discover:

  • Fundamental facts about worry
  • How to take worry out of your mind
  • How to eliminate business worries
  • The results from excess worry
  • Overcoming negative thoughts

A powerful audiobook that will help you gain total control of your mind, recalibrating the way you think and solutions to coping up with issues before they become problems. Change your life.

File Size: 245.6 MB



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