OMG WTF Does the Constitution Actually Say By Ben Sheehan

  • Narrated by: Candice Renee, Ben Sheehan
  • Length: 4 hrs and 31 mins
  • Release date: 04-14-20

OMG WTF Does the Constitution Actually Say AudioBoook Summary

Do you know what the Constitution actually says?

This witty and highly relevant annotation of our founding document is the go-to guide to the ins and outs of how our government really works.

Written by political savant and entertainment veteran Ben Sheehan and vetted for accuracy by dozens of experts in the field of constitutional law, OMG WTF Does the Constitution Say? is an entertaining and accessible guide that explains what the Constitution lays out.

Discussing everything from the meaning of the Second Amendment to the stated rules around Supreme Court nominations, Sheehan walks us through the entire Constitution, from its preamble to its final amendment. He also offers a bonus section on the Declaration of Independence. Extra-credit information throughout on things like amendments that were never passed and what powers elected officials actually have gives listeners all the information they need to be informed and effective voters and citizens.


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