Midlife Psychic By Carolyn Arnold

  • Narrated by: Samantha Novak
  • Length: 8 hrs and 23 mins
  • Release date: 12-20-21

Midlife Psychic AudioBook Summary

Hot flashes in my 40s? Expected. Waking up psychic? Not in my wildest dreams.

My name is Erin Stone. I’m 43, with a daughter away at college and a successful career as a communications officer with the 911 dispatch center for the Toronto Police Service. My life had just returned to a new normal after my divorce and everything was going smoothly. Then, boom! Turns out the universe had other plans for me. 

I dreamed of a plane crash – only it wasn’t just a dream. The crash happened in real life. Eighty-three dead. A vision, plain and simple. Not exactly. My family certainly wouldn’t understand. And me…psychic? I’d dabbled in new-age spirituality in the past, but never plunged into the deep end. Now I’m in over my head. 

Why was I given this vision, and does it hold clues as to what caused the crash? My best friend, Trish, is convinced it does, and a handsome stranger with the National Transportation Safety Board is willing to partner with me to solve the mystery. But if I’m going to embrace the vision as telling of newfound psychic abilities, I will need to keep my paranormal gift a secret from my daughter, brother, and aunt. Little good that might do them, though.



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