Jacinda’s Challenge | M.K. Eidem | AudioBook Free Download

Jacinda’s Challenge By M.K. Eidem AudioBook Free Download

Written by: M.K. Eidem

Narrated by: Ian Gordon , Jennifer Gill , Gary Gordon , Rebecca Haslam

Length: 14 hrs and 43 mins 

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date:12-16-16

Publisher: M.K. Eidem

Jacinda’s Challenge AudioBook Summary

Jotham is the king of the House of Protection. He was the youngest male ever to assume the position because of the sudden death of his father in Jotham’s 20th cycle. In the last 40 cycles, he married his life mate, Lata, and lost her in a transport accident. He had two sons and lost one due to his son’s own treachery. Now his first son, Barek, is interested in a woman, and Jotham is going to find out everything about her he can.

Jacinda is from the House of Healing. She is the widow of an assemblyman for the House of Protection. Stephan was her life mate even though he was 20 cycles older than she. His sudden death devastated her, and if it weren’t for her three children, she isn’t sure she would have survived. In the years that have followed his death, she has learned to live with her loss and, more importantly, that life can still be good. She has healed.

When Jotham summons Jacinda to the Palace, his only intent is for her to help him gather information on Amina, Jacinda’s great-niece. That plan goes out the window when Jacinda refuses. She challenges not only his right to interfere in Barek’s life but questions how he’s lived his own since Lata’s death.

Two strong personalities come together after having loved and suffered loss. Can they find enough common ground and courage to chance a new love? Or are they destined to live the rest of their lives alone?

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