Infamous Like Us By Krista Ritchie, Becca Ritchie

  • Narrated by: Carly Robins, Vikas Adam, Aaron Shedlock, Jessica Almasy
  • Series: Like Us, Book 10
  • Length: 16 hrs
  • Release date: 02-22-22

Infamous Like Us AudioBook Summary

Twenty-two-year-old Sullivan Meadows knew dating Akara and Banks would be complicated, but now that her relationship is public, everything has been put on blast:

@HeatherB: Can’t believe Sullivan Meadows is dating TWO men, and they’re like all together. Like OMG. Totally didn’t think the rumors were true.

@YuiK: Anyone know what happened to Sullivan Meadows? News is saying something bad went down. Seems bad.

@PaulieP: Why is there no reporting on the thing that “allegedly” happened to that Meadows girl? They aren’t saying whether her boyfriends were there?

@TiffanyW: Y’all I can’t with Sullivan’s boyfriends. They just sandwiched her in PUBLIC to avoid cameras lmao

@RiverT: Banks Moretti and Akara Kitsuwon are totally banging. I don’t make the rules

@CarlaR: OMGOMGOMG Sullivan Meadows qualified for the Olympics! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

@LacieA: Celebrity Crush is saying ALL the families will be at the Olympics to root for Sullivan. Im dead #HalesMeadowsCobalts

@GeorgieO: Dude no way she wins a gold medal. Sulli the Slut is too busy screwing anything that walks.


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