How to Negotiate at Work: From Job Offers to Raises By Rachel Campagna, The Great Courses

  • Narrated by: Rachel Campagna
  • Length: 2 hrs and 19 mins
  • Release date: 09-15-22

How to Negotiate at Work: From Job Offers to Raises By Rachel Campagna, The Great Courses AudioBook Summary

Everyone is negotiating all the time—so much so that you might not even realize how frequently you do it. Consider ordering a pizza for the family. Some of you want mushrooms, but some of you want onions. Maybe you opt for half and half with the toppings, or you get mushrooms and onions on all of it, or you decide to stick to plain cheese—which everyone likes. That’s negotiating!   

In the business world, people negotiate on multiple levels—within their department, between companies, across industries. They negotiate for job offers, higher salaries, better benefits, and other important things. So, they need to learn to negotiate well. 

Join Rachel Campagna for six information-packed lectures focusing on the fundamentals and framework of negotiating. Learn specific tactics for negotiating your job offer and for negotiating a raise, how to use influence, and how to deal with tricky or unexpected issues that pop up in the process.  

Rachel has spent her career researching, teaching, and working with companies and managers, with a focus on negotiation, conflict management, and building and repairing relationships. In this course, she’ll show you how to apply these proven tactics and tools to your own negotiations at work—from job offers to raises.  

You’ll come away from this course armed with knowledge. You’ll learn how to prepare and develop strategies and tactics to use for a negotiation. You’ll learn how to manage the conversation in order to create value and to achieve your goals. And, you’ll learn the importance of thinking forward to the future relationship with your counterpart. But most important, you’ll come away with an improved sense of self-confidence to use when facing your next negotiation scenario—be it pizza or a promotion.


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