Heroes and Villains By World History

  • Narrated by: Sam Devereaux
  • Length: 3 hrs and 35 mins
  • Release date: 04-29-22

Heroes and Villains By World History AudioBook Summary

With Europe overrun by Hitler’s thundering war machine, Churchill is the only head of state with the courage to stand up to the Führer. The British Prime Minister’s iron will makes him a role model in Great Britain and across the continent. Churchill and his V-sign become a symbol of resistance against Nazi Germany. In Germany in February 1942, armaments minister Albert Speer has the job of making sure that there’s a steady supply of prisoners of war to man the plants and factories -at the same time as the SS are on a killing spree. But Speer isn’t saving prisoners’ lives: men, women and children are worked to death producing weapons for the German army. Churchill was a true hero, and Speer, a nasty villain – or were they? Churchill had racist views, while Speer defied Hitler at risk to his own life and saved Germany’s infrastructure. This issue gets up close to World War II’s greatest personalities.



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