• Narrated by: David Robert Grimes
  • Length: 15 hrs and 26 mins
  • Release date: 08-17-21

Good Thinking AudioBook Summary

Good Thinking is our best defense against anti-vaccine paranoia, climate denial, and other dire threats of today.

In our ever-more-polarized society, there’s at least one thing we still agree on: The world is overrun with misinformation, faulty logic, and the gullible followers who buy into it all. Of course, we’re not among them – are we?

Scientist David Robert Grimes is on a mission to expose the logical fallacies and cognitive biases that drive our discourse on a dizzying array of topics – from vaccination to abortion, 9/11 conspiracy theories to dictatorial doublespeak, astrology to alternative medicine, and wrongful convictions to racism. But his purpose in Good Thinking isn’t to shame or place blame. Rather, it’s to interrogate our own assumptions – to develop our eye for the glimmer of truth in a vast sea of dubious sources – in short, to think critically.



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