Get There Now By Susanne Conrad

  • Narrated by: Susanne Conrad
  • Length: 8 hrs and 59 mins
  • Release date: 01-01-22

Get There Now AudioBook Summary

Dream bigger and leap into a new, better future right now.

For over three decades, Susanne Conrad has helped people find happiness in both their personal and professional lives. In Get There Now, Susanne recounts with heart and humor the many obstacles she has overcome, including growing up as the daughter of an eccentric inventor, her first marriage to a ne’er-do-well Sri Lankan hash dealer, working in the boys’ club of a nuclear weapons facility, her struggles to make ends meet as a single mom, and how she eventually found huge success in the leadership and personal development arena.      

Susanne’s remarkable stories and life lessons can help you:

  • Learn to heal.
  • Find wisdom and forgiveness.
  • Release old patterns and trauma.
  • Create your best future.

Get There Now will leave you laughing, digging deep, and even shedding a few tears as you explore your own life choices and learn how to ask the right questions. So get ready for a compelling journey of self-discovery as Susanne Conrad turns moments of her life inside out to provide a map for you to do the same and build a stronger future for yourself, your business, and your community.


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