Forward Thinking By Dr. Larry Iverson

  • Narrated by: Dr. Larry Iverson
  • Length: 9 hrs and 2 mins
  • Release date: 12-14-18

Forward Thinking AudioBook Summary

Have you ever watched someone who is consistently exceptional at what they do? That isn’t an accident. It took perseverance, a will to win, and massive amounts of time and energy. It took proactive, focused action, a strong belief in themselves and their potential. It was the result of building up a sustained passion for their vision and their goals. It was creativity, finding new and unique ways to make things happen. It was overcoming conflicts, because nothing ever happens without some conflict.

Within you are the seeds of greatness. You can have amazing relationships, be an influential leader, achieve your financial goals, and much more. Those billions of neurons with trillions of connections within your brain can help you succeed…or block your efforts.

In Forward Thinking, you will learn how to apply thepsychology of leadership success systemsto take your life, career, athletic performance, and more to the level of achievement of which you’ve only previously dreamed.

File Size: 241.91 MB


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