Fortitude By Bruce Daisley

  • Narrated by: Bruce Daisley
  • Length: 8 hrs and 32 mins
  • Release date: 08-25-22

Fortitude By Bruce Daisley Audio Book Summary

We’re endlessly being told that if we want to be successful in life we have to be tough and stubborn. If we struggle, it’s because we’re weak and uncertain. Bruce Daisley thinks this is simply untrue, and in his new book the Sunday Times best-selling author of The Joy of Work takes the notion of resilience apart, explains how it really works, and puts forward a new programme for building self-confidence and tenacity. He calls it Fortitude.

In this book, Daisley disproves the myth that only extraordinary people are successful, shows how to achieve a sense of control through simple mind exercises, and, above all, demonstrates how we can draw on those around us to empower ourselves and build our inner-strength. Offering empirically tested advice, Fortitude sets out a practical path to greater self-confidence and courage, not just for the elite few, but for us all.


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