Forming the Company | Daniel Schinhofen

Forming the Company By Daniel Schinhofen

Narrated by: Peter Berkrot

Series: Alpha World, Book 2

Length: 11 hrs and 55 mins

Unabridged Audiobook

Release date: 10-03-17

Language: English

Forming the Company AudioBook Summary

How does Alburet feel about Stacia suddenly becoming his Succubus? How will her family react to her sudden change? While trying to handle this sudden transition, Mindblown is also going to take the server down for maintenance.

Alburet will have to deal with emotional turmoil, all while continuing to play the game he has been sentenced to play for life. What else is about to change in Alpha World?

Mindblown announces the ability to form guilds. Alburet sees an opportunity to form a guild himself and takes it.

Note: This is a continuation of the Alpha World saga. It contains real life situations, including sensual scenes that don’t get fully graphic but might make you uncomfortable. It also contains hunting monsters and gaining levels, but not at a break-neck pace.

File Size: 324.99 MB


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