Eye of the Moonrat | Trevor H. Cooley | AudioBook Free Download

Eye of the Moonrat By Trevor H. Cooley AudioBook Free Download

Written by: Trevor H. Cooley

Narrated by: James Foster

Length: 11 hrs and 23 mins 

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date:10-14-14

Publisher: Trevor H. Cooley

Eye of the Moonrat AudioBook Summary

Justan was raised on the outskirts of the Dremaldrian Battle Academy. He watched his father ascend the ranks within the academy to become one of the most respected warriors in the kingdom. The only thing he has ever wanted is to become an academy student and follow the path of his father. Unfortunately, only the best can enter the academy and Justan is a horrible fighter. Everyone tells him that he is more suited to scholarly work than swordplay. In desperation he hurls himself into training, eager to overcome the doubters and walk into the academy triumphant, unaware that secretive powers plot to disrupt his plans.

Meanwhile, an evil wizard of immense power is using magic to twist the bodies of the creatures of the land and transform them into monsters. With these creatures and the peoples of the wilds, he is building an army . . .

Ogres and dragons, warriors and wizards are destined to clash, their fates guided by The Bowl of Souls.

File Size: 156.53 MB

Format: MP3



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