Egyptian Mythology By History Academy

  • Narrated by: Leonard Grey
  • Length: 5 hrs and 11 mins
  • Release date: 01-08-21

Egyptian Mythology AudioBook Summary

History Academy’s brand-new audiobook about Egyptian mythology will tell you all about ancient Egyptian divinities, pharaohs, and legendary creatures. The audiobook includes detailed descriptions about ancient Egypt’s historical and cultural background and maps to help you find where the events took place.

Ancient Egypt’s myths still influence our modern collective culture with its stories about powerful gods and pharaohs, curses, mummies and Pyramids. History Academy offers you a complete volume meant to reveal the mysteries of Ancient Egypt.

The audiobook begins with Egyptian myths from the predynastic period and it ends with tales from the period after the pharaonic domain. The Egyptian society was born along the Nile and the natural phenomena connected to the river were thought to be divinities like Anubis, terrifying god of the underworld or Hathor goddess of women and fertility. The gods of ancient Egypt were more than 1500 but they all represented natural forces, social phenomena and abstract concepts.


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