Eat for Energy By Ari Whitten, Alex Leaf MS

  • Narrated by: Ari Whitten
  • Length: 7 hrs and 27 mins
  • Release date: 05-10-22

Eat for Energy By Ari Whitten, Alex Leaf MS AudioBook Summary

A deep dive into the underlying cellular cause of chronic fatigue, burnout, and brain fog, with a framework for restoring cognitive function, alertness, and an abundance of energy.

Chronic fatigue, burnout, brain fog—no matter what we call it, our constant feeling of being drained affects all that we hold dear. But the very real culprits of our fatigue don’t lie in our preconceived notions of caffeine intake or adrenal fatigue, nor does the replenishment of our energy lie in overhauling our lifestyle in time-consuming and unrealistic ways. Instead, the core underlying cause lies in our cells, specifically our mitochondrial deficiency, and the solution can be found in simple, straightforward, nutritional strategies that address our body’s biology.

Ari Whitten, functional health practitioner and creator of The Energy Blueprint program, takes a deep dive into our cellular energy centers and the holistic workings of our body systems and provides the clear nutritional methodologies and specific foods, supplements, and compounds you can use to:

· Get better sleep

· Lower your blood pressure

· Help stabilize your blood sugar levels

· Lose excess weight

· Improve memory and concentration

· Increase mental well-being


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