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Eastbound and Town By Eric Ugland

  • Narrated by: Neil Hellegers
  • Series: The Good Guys Series, Book 8
  • Length: 8 hrs and 8 mins
  • Release date: 09-23-20

Eastbound and Town AudioBook Summary

Freshly respawned.  

Far from home.  

All alone.  

Up until now, Montana’s journey really only went one direction: up. But now he’s back at square one, stuck on top of a mountain with only the most basic gear to help get him back to Coggeshall. It’s going to be a long walk.  

But not a boring one.  

In one of LitRPG’s most legendary medieval fantasy road trips (and also possibly the only one), Montana encounters a pack of just-this-side-of-feral wolf people; a town straight out of the Wild West – complete with heavy-handed sheriff; a lion desperately trying to take down a colossal fish monster; ancient cursed ruins; and a giant flying frog.

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