Dungeon Scumbag 1 By Chet Hardacre

  • Narrated by: Actors Everywhere, Marcus Jahn, Alyssa Poon
  • Series: Dungeon Scumbag, Book 1
  • Length: 7 hrs and 51 mins
  • Release date: 01-19-22

Dungeon Scumbag 1 AudioBook Summary

Bastard by birth. Bastard by nature.

Convicted for a murder he did not commit, Talum d’Argento du’Pleisse is exiled to the World Below, the endless labyrinth of monster-filled catacombs that lies beneath the human kingdoms.

Talum finds himself thrown into the death pits of the dark elves, sentenced to fight till he dies. If he wants to return to the surface and get revenge on the woman who set him up, he will need to train, fight, and survive.

He has three weeks to prepare. Three weeks of grueling physical combat against the proud champion, Marleena. Three weeks of secret Tantric cultivation rituals with the bewitching priestess, Priscilla.

But if Talum can’t defeat the Five Champions, he’ll never get a chance to take revenge on the surface world and the scheming shrew who condemned him to death.

Dungeon Scumbag is a pulp fantasy men’s adventure featuring unconventional romance with multiple women, pulse-pounding action, seductive dark elves, and proud albino warrior women.



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