Why We Don’t Suck By Denis Leary AudioBook Download

Why We Don’t Suck By Denis Leary AudioBook Download

By: Denis Leary

Narrated by: Denis Leary

Length: 6 hrs and 36 mins


Release date: 11-01-17

Language: English

Why We Don’t Suck AudioBook Summary

From the author of the best-selling Why We Suck comes a searing comic look at these divisive times, skewering liberals and conservatives alike with a signature dose of sarcasm and common sense.

Denis Leary refutes the current highly partisan Right Wing Nutjob versus Left Wing Snowflake approach to American politics – where you’re either one or the other, with no gray areas in between. Leading a new protest movement called Gray Lives Matter, he takes equal opportunity aim at the screaming heads we see arguing every night on CNN (the Clinton News Network) and Fox’s Fair and Balanced Republican Report. With a devoted mission to Make America Laugh Again, Denis tackles the topics we all hold close to our American hearts: Twitter, Instagram, and the seemingly endless search for fame and diet vodka.

In a country so gluten-free that a box of jelly donuts is now a bigger threat than Vladimir F**king Putin – where college kids are more afraid of Ann Coulter than HIV – it’s time for someone to stand up and stop the insanity. Or at least defend the double cheeseburger. With a side order of free porn. Denis is that guy.

He’ll answer such burning questions as: When will Hillary run out of pantsuits? And why wasn’t her campaign motto “Hey America – It’s My F**king Turn!”? As Denis says in the book, “Trump’s election gave me faith that even I could be president. Look at his track record: canceled TV show, thin skin, angry tweets, and an attractive wife. According to that formula, I’m one bad comb-over away from living in the White House.” We’re all in this together, and Denis Leary is here to remind us what makes America number seven on the list of Best Countries to Live In – which may sound bad but means at least we still make the playoffs.

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