Cast in Sorrow | Michelle Sagara | AudioBook Free Download

Cast in Sorrow By Michelle Sagara AudioBook Free Download

Written by: Michelle Sagara

Narrated by: Khristine Hvam

Length: 15 hrs and 5 mins 

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date:08-27-13

Publisher: Harlequin Books S.A.


Cast in Sorrow AudioBook Summary

The end of her journey is only the beginning….

The Barrani would be happy to see her die. So Kaylin Neya is a bit surprised by her safe arrival in the West March. Especially when enemies new and old surround her and those she would call friends are equally dangerous….

And then the real trouble starts. Kaylin’s assignment is to be a “harmoniste” – one who helps tell the truth behind a Barrani Recitation. But in a land where words are more effective than weapons, Kaylin’s duties are deadly. With the wrong phrase she could tear a people further asunder. And with the right ones…well, then she might be able to heal a blight on a race.

If only she understood the story….

File Size: 411.13 MB

Format: MP3


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