Bulletproof Your Mindset By Paul Campbell Aucoin

  • Narrated by: Paul Campbell Aucoin
  • Length: 4 hrs and 13 mins
  • Release date: 09-28-21

Bulletproof Your Mindset AudioBook Summary

Think like a business owner. Take responsibility and take control of your life.

You’ve heard about taking personal responsibility.

You know about the importance of having a strong, healthy mindset.

Here’s the big idea: These two concepts are 100 percent connected. Taking responsibility equals a strong, healthy mindset.

But how do you take personal responsibility? That sounds like no fun! Paul Campbell Aucoin provides a shockingly simple breakthrough, using an easy-to-remember shortcut that turns taking responsibility into a skill.

He refined that shortcut as he progressed through his career, ultimately starting and selling his $15M engineering sales business. You’ll start with simple examples of this shortcut in action, then progressively increase your skill level. (You’ll like Paul’s voice. He sings and plays the guitar with a few buddies, and is easy to listen to.)

In this audiobook, you will discover:

  • How taking responsibility will lead to taking control of your life and bulletproof your mindset
  • The simple, memorable shortcut for taking responsibility that you can use forever
  • How to minimize blame and take back control
  • How to understand others’ personality styles
  • How your new skills will help solve complicated business and personal issues
  • How setting one SMART goal will make you more bulletproof
  • And much more!



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