The Bug Out Gardening Guide | Ron Foster | AudioBook Free Download

The Bug Out Gardening Guide By Ron Foster AudioBook Free Download

Written by: Ron Foster

Narrated by: Charles Orlik

Length: 7 hrs and 9 mins 

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date:12-22-16

Publisher: Ronald Foster

The Bug Out Gardening Guide AudioBook Summary

What exactly is Bug Out Gardening? Having your own survival garden in your own back yard is great but what if you must evacuate and have to go to a remote location or start up a garden on a bunch of bad soil? Most preppers have already realized that besides having dried foods stored foods for a disaster, one can also have fresh grown foods with a little effort supplementing their diets. This book will teach you how simple it can be to take along the materials with you to create a small survival garden. Learn to make your own DIY miracle grow and homemade insecticides and fertilizers! Learn about growing vegetables from scratch when it absolutely matters before you find the stores are all closed and that you lack basic materials.

Envision a portable system of gardening that you can instantly create your homestead with or take along for a long-term bug out situation. Imagine that this system allows you to garden anywhere, compost anywhere, and thrive everywhere. Everyone should have access to healthy organic food, and this is gardening made easy.

Whether your plan is to bug out or bug in, whether or not you want to start a garden on your balcony or move to the country someday, this is the system for you. Learn gardening tips and tricks along with survival techniques. Plant your very own portable medicinal garden and gain experience with remedies. Learn to grow food in a disaster and feed your family. This and so much more is included in this book. Gain the knowledge of how to create a bug-out garden that can be assembled anywhere or explore other systems to double your current gardens output and sustainability in a small space. This book includes a preppers herbal guide to medicinal plants and their uses.

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Format: MP3


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